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Vision Statement

               The  company’s  goal  is  achieving   continual  growth  by  developing  In- house manufacturing  facilities  at   all   necessary   levels  and   by   achieving  the  targets  set  continuously.


We   are a certified  ISO 9001- 2015 company   following    International standard.   The  company   following   a  strategy   of  the    progressive  and  systematic  elimination  of all  wastages  through  the  total  creative  involvement  of  all employees.

The Work Force

               Our strength is our committed team  of  employees.The  operating personal  have  good  experience  in  machining  and  quality  systems  and  they  have  been  well  trained  in  capable  of  adapting  the  latest  state  of  technology.They are self disciplined and have faith in right working culture.

Welcome to Skill Tech Engineering

We   SKILL TECH ENGINEERING  Company    are   glad   to introduce  ourselves  as  one  of  the  reputed  suppliers  of   precision  value  components  and  end  fittings.


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